Custom Log Home Kits in Victor, MT

The crew at Bos Log Builders, Inc. loves educating customers about the incredible potential of log cabin construction and custom log home additions. No matter what shape or size home you have in mind, our highly trained team in Victor, Pinesdale, and Stevensville, MT, can make it a reality with expertly crafted cabin building plans. If you have yet to consider the benefits of a custom log home design, now is the time.

Diverse, Stylish Design

Because we can build custom timber home kits in several distinct architectural styles, you are sure to find something you’ll proudly call home. Choose from one of our cabin building plans or work alongside the team to create something uniquely yours.

Environmentally Safe

As homeowners become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, it’s more crucial than ever to seek sustainable construction methods. We only use logs made from dead standing timber. We don’t harvest or cut down anything not already killed by forest fires or invasive species like the pine beetle. This distinctive approach to material gathering makes our log homes some of the greenest structures on the planet.

Gorgeous Log Cabins

Searching for the ideal custom log home design? Look no further than luxurious log cabin construction from the team at Bos Log Builders, Inc. We work with clients from around the United States, crafting beautiful housing plans and homes from one of nature’s most abundant resources.

Durability and Comfort

When properly constructed, custom log home kits can withstand the elements and provide incredible comfort for years to come. The result is a home that’s reliable, sturdy and efficient, built to last well over 100 years. The massive size of the logs offers two significant advantages: TThey are nearly impervious to the elements and they provide natural insulation against changing temperatures.

Get In Touch

If you’re within 100 miles of our Victor, MT, location, we’ll even erect the structure for you. We offer top-notch experience and service you’ll count on for all your future projects. Contact us at 406-360-9353 to find out how we can build the custom timber home kits you’ve always wanted.